12 Beard Styles To Make You Look Suave

The beard has become a symbol of masculinity and power, but it doesn’t have to be long or full to make you look suave. With the right style, your facial hair can help accentuate your features and leave people wondering how you managed to grow such a well-kept beard. In this blog post we will discuss 12 different styles that are perfect for men of all ages who want to keep their facial hair neat but not overgrown.

So you’re growing a beard and wondering what to do with it. You could shave off the hair, but then nobody will be able to see how awesome your face is. Plus, you want people to know that you have power over them because of all this facial fuzz on your chin.

A well-kept beard can leave others astounded at just how groomed and manly you are – yet not so full as to cover up those handsome features!

The best part about having a beard? It’s good for both guys who don’t need any extra help in the attractiveness department or someone looking for an edge in their dating life (I’ll let you fill in the blanks there). But grooming isn’t enough; there are a number of styles you can rock with your beard. Here’s the rundown on some great, stylish beards:

Beard and Mustache Styles to Know:

-Goatee -A goatee is one of those timeless facial hair styles that has been around for centuries. A goatee doesn’t grow fully from all angles so there will always be two different lengths in this style; it also looks best when most of the growth comes down past about an inch below the chin. The mustache should connects at its first point just above or beneath where the corners of your mouth meet. Go with a long pipe cleaner type mustache if you want this look to appear fuller without the need for any additional grooming.

-Van Dyke -The Van Dyke is an excellent beard style that’s more of a chinstrap type mustache and hair on the chin but not in between your mouth, instead it starts at the lips to frame them. This style can be paired with sideburns or without, depending on what you prefer and how closely cropped you want everything. It looks best when all facial hair is trimmed neatly so there are no stray hairs sticking out; this will make it look neater as well as give space for your other features to shine through too!

-Mutton Chops -This style is a little more daring but also one of the most fun to rock as it brings out your inner bad boy. To create this look, simply shave off everything around and above where you’re usually shaved so that only the chin area has hair on it. The Mutton chops are best worn with sideburns or without.

-The Friendly Muttonchop -A variant on its predecessor, this beard features mutton chops but includes some mustache too for balance in both facial features and looks. It’s a great option if you want something different than just chinstrap (or Van Dyke) type mustaches alone!

-Chinstrap -The chinstrap is the easiest, most popular beard style out there. It’s perfect for those with a round face type! To create this look, simply shave off everything around and above where you’re usually shaved so that only the chin area has hair on it–the chinstrap should be worn without any mustache or sideburns because they can make your face appear too wide.

-Van Dyke Mustache -A classic mustachioed version of a goatee that features long whiskers but not quite as many as a full beard would have; think Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind when he was still handsome instead of just tired all the time. This particular facial hairstyle is perfect for those with a long, narrow face type.

-The Goatee -This style features whiskers on the chin and lower lip only; no mustache or anything else around it allowed! It’s great for those who want to keep their facial hair without having an overgrown beard that makes them look like they’re about to take part in some sort of questionable festival where people wear animal heads.

-The Light Stubble Beard -A good choice for men who find themselves stuck between mustaches but not quite wanting a full beard–plus, it can be shaved off whenever you need easy access to your mouth…which means more kissing time!! This particular style has stubble that just covers most of the area below your bottom lip and chin.

-The Long Stubble Beard -If you’re a fan of mustaches, but don’t want the time commitment that comes with growing out your beard–this is for you! This style has short strands of hair on the cheeks and lower jawline to mimic a mustache without actually having one. The end result looks like stubble, so it’s easy to maintain by just shaving off any strays every now and then.

-The Short Goatee -This variation of goatee can be trimmed or shaved if needed, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. It leaves whiskers only below the bottom lip; no mustache allowed in this look either! If you’ve got an oval or round face, goatee styles are great for you because they add a masculine touch without adding too much bulk.

-The Tickler -This style is similar to the Short Goatee but has whiskers that extend all the way across and under your chin. It’s perfect for those who already have some kind of beard growth or plan on growing one soon! You can do this by shaving off any stray hairs below your bottom lip so it doesn’t grow past–or it’s just as easy if you want to maintain stubble instead of trimming anything at all.

-The Anchor Beard -Anchors are popular among men in colder climates since they’re an excellent wintertime solution when beards tend to get patchy and scraggly. It’s a goatee style that is thick on the bottom, but has no chin whiskers or mustache.

-The French Fork -This beard starts off as any other short cropped beard with a clean shaven face below your lower lip line, until in comes to an abrupt end at either side of your mouth just before it reaches your cheeks–hence the name “French fork.”

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