Body Shaving for men


When men talk about shaving, the last thing they will ever bring up in conversation is what beard trimmer they used to shave their chest, back, armpits, navel and even their groin.

Some men prefer to simply trim and maintain their body hair while others prefer to get rid of it completely. Think that shaving your body hair isn’t masculine? It is a known fact that the most vicious wrestlers wax or shave their chest so there’s less to grab hold of during a match! Not so feminine now, is it? Also, it’s a proven fact that 87% of women in the UK prefer a man that at least uses a beard trimmer to tidy up his body hair with the back, nose and ears being the most hated areas of hair growth on men.

Shaving your Chest

When shaving any part of your body that isn’t your face including your chest, treat it the same as any regular shave, start by warming up the skin by having a hot shower and then lather the area up using normal shaving cream. Chest hair likes to grow in many different directions unlike facial hair that usually grows in one general direction so always shave your chest from the top-down, shaving from the bottom up means you are more likely to put more pressure on your skin and increases the risk of cutting yourself. Also be sure to leave the nipple area till last and NEVER shave ACROSS your nipples as they are very sensitive and will cut easily, instead shave outwards from the middle in all directions, one stroke is usually enough to sort those few pesky hairs out.

Shaving your Back

When using a beard trimmer for your back, it is strongly recommended that you find someone to help you as it is very little you can do by yourself. At best you’ll be able to do your shoulders with each opposite arm so until you have someone to help you it’s best to stick to waxing strips if you have to go about trimming your back solo. Ask your helper to use small even strokes with very little pressure, let your beard trimmer do all the hard work for you.

Shaving your Armpits

More and more men are shaving their armpits, not only because it will compliment your new hairless chest, but because scientifically it actually helps you smell better. Armpit hair traps sweat under your arms, that when left to dry creates that horrible odour we are all too familiar with, removing your armpit hair won’t stop you sweating but will stop the build-up of larger amounts of liquid drying and causing a stink. When shaving your armpit hairs always remember to lather up like usual and make small quick strokes to get rid of the larger amounts to begin with, once thinned out, you can go on to make larger strokes to smoothen out the area completely. Remember to moisturising and apply an aftershave balm to stop irritation. Just ask any woman and I’m sure they will tell you how it’s done!

Shaving your Groin

Ok, we knew it was coming and this for many men will be the deal-breaker, you’ve shaved your chest, armpit, back and shoulders, do you really have to shave your groin? Well again it’s completely your own choice, no one is forcing you to do it, many men trim their pubic hair for many reasons, some women prefer it, others hate it. If you are in a relationship and considering shaving your pubic hair always ask them first, hair grows of course but if your partner decides they don’t like it, that’s a few weeks out of the bedroom for you if you act irrationally.

When trimming your pubic hair, pull the skin tighter around the area you are shaving to make the skin as flat as possible, use gentle strokes toward your navel and then work your way around the sides and any other area’s you feel necessary. Use a good quality moisturiser immediately after shaving to avoid irritation and itching the next day.

So there you have it, best of luck with finding alternative uses for your beard trimmers.