Foil vs Rotary Shavers


In a market full of options and advertisements, we are often overwhelmed by products to the point where we close our eyes, grab something, and run. How well does that ever end? Our skin is the largest organ on our body and we, both male and female, buy this product and that product to make it perfect. But did you know that the razor you are buying could be making it worse? You lather up your face and slide that feeble blade across your coarse hair and when you wipe- Poof! All the hair is gone! But… wait… What are all these bumps, and why does my skin burn ?!

Simple. You have bought the wrong razor.

Our skin is very unique and your needs may be different from your buddies. Thus enter the echoing question: Rotary Blade or Foil Blade.

First, let me explain the difference.

Rotary Blade

The rotary blades are very self explanatory. They have a set of circular razors attached. Usually, there are three rotating blades in a triangle, attached to the base mechanics. This provides a level of dynamic flexibility that is lacking in most typical razors. Our faces curve and change in a second and the rotary blade help remove hair from every contour of the face and/or other body part. Razor burn is much less likely with this razor because even though the blade contours nicely, it does not rub up too close to your skin. And that is assuming you are using it correctly.

Foil Blades

A foil razor is literally a foil razor. Typically there are three blades set in a mechanical head that are covered with a thin layer of foil. You turn the battery on and viola! you have a razor vibrating against your face. That being said, the foil is less abrasive than an actual razor, leaving a closer shave. The foil will easily capture hair in its slots along the foil length. However, you must be careful with how hard you are pressing against the skin, lest you cut a little more than hair with these blades.

How do you decide Rotary or Foil ?

It is best that you use the rotary shaver is you have really thick and coarse hair on your face or if you hair grows in wild directions. If you shave infrequently, if you often find your razor collecting hairs for weeks, and if you like the feel of a quick five o’clock shadow- This is the right blade for you.

But if however you like the smoothness of a close shave or you are OCD about precise lines and curves or need your razor cleaned every day after your grooming process or you wife borrows it to get her legs smooth, the foil blade is your new best friend! Shaving everyday has never been quite as… smooth.

Whatever your pleasure now you need only to take charge and walk down that store aisle and look at those razors and stare down your options. Then a miraculous thing will happen. You will make the right decision for your wallet and for you body. Isn’t great when those two things happen at once?