Why Should I Use Beard Oil….I’m A Man

Why Should I Use Beard Oil….I’m A Man

When I first started growing stubble there was no way I was using Beard Oil. It wasn’t an act of rebellion or anything, I just wasn’t aware of the need. This continued into my first days and weeks of growing my beard. I still didn’t really see the need, my beard was laying pretty good and there wasn’t a lot of real issues with it. I seem to suffer from these mistakes now that I am fully bearded.

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There seem to be two definitive sides to this issue and once you’ve chosen a side you are pretty much dug in. I am writing this to hopefully change some opinions. I once was dug into the natural side but am now fully immersed in the beard product side for various reason I will expand up in this article

There is a definite need for beard oil and balms, in some instances, for the bearded man. I can be as old-fashioned as the next man and not want to tamper with nature.

Some men just don’t get it and don’t want to be turned into a pretty boy or a “yuppie” as Duck Dynasty fans might have heard.

Here are the reasons I am so high on Beard Oil and some of their benefits.

Less Acne

This is not really a problem for me now as an adult, but with the skin underneath the beard being ignored for so long it can easily become an issue. Beard Oil will help defend against these ugly issues.

Beard Itch

It is a real and apparent problem. There is a science behind this that kind of causes me to zone out. To get to the point (because we are not women that need all the detailed explanations) beard oil will stop this issue.


Something I didn’t learn about until having a beard. It shows up the same way Dandruff does. Dry, itchy skin beneath the hair will begin to flake off and show up in the beard. Beard Oil will condition the skin beneath the beard thus combatting the appearance of Beardruff. Pretty sure my wife might be turned off if I had dandruff in my beard. It would turn me off a little to see that lurking in my beard….(Nah, not really I’m a guy).

Longer Beard

No, it won’t really make your beard longer but it will reduce the split ends I’ve heard my wife and daughter talk about. Not exactly sure what these are but it shows up as the stray, wild hairs at the end of my beard that are not manageable at all. When this happens I have to endure the wife urging me to trim the beard up and get rid of those crazy hairs, and I do begrudgingly. So using beard oil will reduce the need for trims thus giving me a longer beard. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

So What Oil To Use

All beard oils are created differently. They have different ingredients and scents. There are common carrier oils or base oils such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil just to list a few.  These oils, being the carrier oil are found in higher concentrations in beard oil products.

Along with the carrier oil, beard oils will use different essential oils that will give the oil a different scent while providing vitamins for beards, to help soften the hair and relieve the itch.

Beard oil comes in different size containers. Most common is the two-ounce container. Some other brands will offer sizes such as one-ounce, three-ounce, and four-ounce containers.  If you are trying beard oil for the first time it will be beneficial to you to use a smaller container due to the different scents and possible allergies.

While the main goal of beard oil is to soften the hair and relieve the itch, the scent is a possible deal breaker with oils. The oil you choose has to be pleasing to you and to those around you. Some oils can be overpowering while others are more subtle. After all, this oil will be on your face and you have to put up with the smell all day. It needs to be something you are comfortable with.

There are so many different brands out there and new ones are popping up. When in doubt use a company that has been around a while and can assure timely delivery. I have included a few of the more popular beard oils available on Amazon.com to help ease some of your concerns and make things a little easier.

Honest Amish

Gentlemen’s Beard Oil

Grave Before Shave Gentlemen’s Beard Oil

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Blacklabel Beard Oil

A lot of beard companies offer different products such as washes, balms, apparel, or accessories.  Once you find what you like why not support their brand so they will stick around for a little while.

Good luck on your bearded journey and check back for more.

Feel free to leave comments on your preferred beard oil or beard product.