Wahl Horse Clippers

The Wahl Pro series

This Amazon Choice product is No 1 for clipping and maintaining wiry, smooth, long, silky and short coats on horses. With excellent reviews, it is the top product to trim and maintain the coat. 


  • The Wahl Pro Series Lithium clipper is ideal for clipping and maintaining wiry, smooth, long, silky and short coats
  • With lithium ion technology the Pro Series Lithium cord-cordless clipper offers up to 120 minutes of cordless cutting and use with the cord means you’ll never run out of charge
  • Features a 15 minute quick charge option for up to 10 minutes of additional use
  • Adjustable taper lever enables cutting lengths of between 0.8 and 1.8 mm and with attachment combs included for lengths of 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm
  • The ergonomically designed clipper offers balanced, comfortable and easy use when clipping, superior blade geometry


  • Multi-purpose animal clipper with four attachment combs with for a variety of lengths ranging between 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm.
  • 120 minute run time.
  • Satin chrome adjustable blade collection in addition to electricity cord
  • Kit includes: clipper, long time storage case, cleaning brush, blade oil, blade watch with instruction manual
  • 12 month warranty and Wahl does have a good reputation for replacement parts after this period.

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Heavy Duty Clippers – Wahl Pro Ion Horse Clippers Rechargeable

Wahl Pro Ion Clipper for Horse


  • The pro ion cord-cordless trimmer is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use
  • Lithium ion batteries are fully recharged in 180 minutes and offer up to 120 minutes cordless operation
  • Featuring a 15 minute quick charge option for up to 10 minutes of additional use
  • Includes four attachment combs and features an easy, adjustable taper control system allowing cutting lengths from 0.8 mm to 13 mm
  • Ideal for trimming face, ears, bridle path and legs

By Traci Clevenger

I have used these Show Pro clippers on 2 show horses for three years straight, (no body clipping of course, but I would certainly invest in much stronger/tougher clippers if I did body clip an entire horse – other reviewers knocked these great clippers because they wouldn’t body clip a horse…buy a body clipping clipper for that!) These are GREAT & SOLID for continuous work on feet, legs, bridle path, etc….have used them for clipping mine & many others horses for shows. PLUS we also raise miniature dairy goats and BODY CLIP them every year with these clippers…they have done a great job. I am here to purchase a 2nd pair as a back-up pair, since mine are VERY heavily used & over 3 years old now. These are a great product for the price…and they are called ShowPro for a reason I think…if you are wanting to get your horse trimmed up for show or warmer weather then these are great! If you are wanting to shave off ALL the winter hair from a hairy pony, then you should probably put (ALOT) more money into buying a body clipper.
I have had these clippers for a couple of years. I didn’t use them for much more than whiskers and bridle paths. I didn’t change the blades up until this year. I used them to body clip my horse for the first time this week and they were fantastic! Quick and resilient. I LOVE these clippers! I even use them to clip fun quarter marks on my horse.