Turn Heads With a French Beard


You’re probably seen one of the many popular movies starring Johnny Depp or Will Smith. These silver screen heart throbs are known around the world for their mad-acting skills, but they are also both beard aficionados of the French kind.

If you have a cool French beard like these guys, you’ll get noticed, turn heads, and boost your sex appeal. A well-trimmed French beard can also make you feel more confident and successful. And you don’t need an expensive stylist or an appointment with a barber and a beard trimmer.

You can sculpt your own French beard with an electric beard trimmer and a few other basic tools in your personal beard trimming kit. It’s easy to do, and your own French beard design can become an extension of your personality that will make people remember you.

Here are the basic tools and simple steps to sculpt the perfect French beard:
* Razor
* Electric beard trimmer
* Shaving cream
* Mirror

1. Choose the design of your French beard. The goatee, sometimes called a oat, is the French beard Will Smith is known for. This is a carefully trimmed beard that borders the chin. Another style includes a mustache and small patch of facial hair just below the bottom lip (this is sometimes called a soul patch). This is the style Johnny Depp is recognized for as Captain Jack Sparrow. In the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies. To get other ideas on how to design and style ideas for trimming your beard, check out men’s fashion magazines, and pay attention to French beard styles in movies and advertisements. Once you decide on the style of French beard you want to have, grow a full beard. It may take you a week or more. But this is the best way to trim your beard and get the look you want.

2. Use your razor or electric beard trimmer. Once you have a full beard, it’s easy to shave and trim your beard to create the look and style you want. Use your razor or electric beard trimmer. Carefully trim away the facial hair you want to remove. Then move on to trimming your sideburns. If you have a mustache, you can use your beard trimmer to keep it thick and full, thin and narrow, or leave just enough facial hair to compliment your face. For best results, only shave or trim a little at a time with your razor or beard trimmers and keep checking your work in the mirror.

3. Give yourself a shave. Once you’re shaped your French beard, shave your neck and carefully shave around your French beard. Trim the sides of your beard until all that’s left is your mustache, soul patch under your lip and your chin whiskers. You can leave the soul patch attached to your chin beard, or trim it a little so it is separate. By now, your French beard should really be taking shape. Take a look in the mirror at your beard and admire your handiwork with your electric beard trimmer, you’re almost done.

4. Trim the bottom part of your beard. There are many ways you can trim your chin whiskers and create your own signature French beard design. Some men shave a straight vertical line from the bottom lip to the chin. Others add rounded or sharp corners on the bottom part of the beard. add sharp corners into a slight point to accentuate the French beard. This last step completes the process. Your French beard should be smooth and sculpted and ready to turn heads. And if you want to change it up, just grow your beard for a few days or more, and try another design with your beard trimmer.