Teach your girlfriend how to trim your beard

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No, we aren’t encouraging you to solidify the fact that the great British modern male is lazy, in fact, we are encouraging the complete opposite, we are offering you some free relationship bonding advice by teaching your girlfriend how to trim your beard.

Social activities between you and your girlfriend are the stable forefront of any solid relationship and mutual grooming was voted one of the top 5 ‘most unusual things girls love’ by a popular female magazine. So we thought we would take this opportunity to show you how to make a fun, playful evening out of beard trimming.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make sure you have a decent set of beard trimmers, it is said that the tools don’t make the man but in this case, the tools will definitely help your girlfriend in not making a complete hash up of the job leaving all of your colleagues to laugh at your misshaped facial hair. We suggest the Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers with 12 built-in length settings so your girlfriend can start with a safe length before she goes for the finer details around your neckline and ears.

Step 1 : Initiate the gesture with a playful comment in the form of a challenge… ‘I bet you dinner you couldn’t trim my beard as well as I could!’ then watch the determination and smile on her face appear as she accepts your challenge and applauds your sudden intuitive playful side.

Step 2: Show her how the beard trimmer actually works first, simple things like turning it on how to change the length settings and of course which way the beard trimmer goes! Again this can be made pretty funny by asking her to figure it out herself first and although it should only take her a few seconds to find the on button and thumb slider for length settings this is a new experience for women as they’ve never used such a manly device before.

Step 3 : Get her to stand behind you with you sitting on a chair in front of a mirror then make the experience even more playful by asking her to take on the role of a barber giving you the full treatment, towel and all. We know this is starting to sound like you’re just looking to get a free makeover (you are) but don’t let her know that. Lean back and rest your head over the back of the chair exposing your neck and chin so she can look down on you and get the best view of your beard.

Step 4 : Get her to start with short movements from the lower neck to the chin with a larger length setting than you would want the final outcome to allow her to get used to the feel of the beard trimmer, ask how she is doing and ‘Are you ok with that?’ she’ll like to think she’s in control having this presumed power over you when in fact you’ll be pulling all the strings. After the neck tells her to move to the side of your face and chin with the moustache area last, half the fun of doing it this way is that she’ll be able to laugh at you sporting various 1970’s beard styles such as goatees and Movember style moustaches.

When all is done and dusted she’ll have a sexy shaven man ready to take her out for dinner because let’s face it, she did a better job than you could have.