Foil vs Rotary Shavers


In a market full of options and advertisements, we are often overwhelmed by products to the point where we close our eyes, grab something, and run. How well does that ever end? Our skin is the largest organ on our body and we, both male and female, buy this product and that product to make it perfect. But did you know that the razor you are buying could be making it worse? You lather up your face and slide that feeble blade across your coarse hair and when you wipe- Poof! All the hair is gone! But… wait… What are all these bumps, and why does my skin burn ?!

Simple. You have bought the wrong razor.

Our skin is very unique and your needs may be different from your buddies. Thus enter the echoing question: Rotary Blade or Foil Blade.

First, let me explain the difference.

Rotary Blade

The rotary blades are very self explanatory. They have a set of circular razors attached. Usually, there are three rotating blades in a triangle, attached to the base mechanics. This provides a level of dynamic flexibility that is lacking in most typical razors. Our faces curve and change in a second and the rotary blade help remove hair from every contour of the face and/or other body part. Razor burn is much less likely with this razor because even though the blade contours nicely, it does not rub up too close to your skin. And that is assuming you are using it correctly.

Foil Blades

A foil razor is literally a foil razor. Typically there are three blades set in a mechanical head that are covered with a thin layer of foil. You turn the battery on and viola! you have a razor vibrating against your face. That being said, the foil is less abrasive than an actual razor, leaving a closer shave. The foil will easily capture hair in its slots along the foil length. However, you must be careful with how hard you are pressing against the skin, lest you cut a little more than hair with these blades.

How do you decide Rotary or Foil ?

It is best that you use the rotary shaver is you have really thick and coarse hair on your face or if you hair grows in wild directions. If you shave infrequently, if you often find your razor collecting hairs for weeks, and if you like the feel of a quick five o’clock shadow- This is the right blade for you.

But if however you like the smoothness of a close shave or you are OCD about precise lines and curves or need your razor cleaned every day after your grooming process or you wife borrows it to get her legs smooth, the foil blade is your new best friend! Shaving everyday has never been quite as… smooth.

Whatever your pleasure now you need only to take charge and walk down that store aisle and look at those razors and stare down your options. Then a miraculous thing will happen. You will make the right decision for your wallet and for you body. Isn’t great when those two things happen at once?

Teach your girlfriend how to trim your beard

The Bluebeard’s Revenge When Marketing Misinterprets the Man (5)

No, we aren’t encouraging you to solidify the fact that the great British modern male is lazy, in fact, we are encouraging the complete opposite, we are offering you some free relationship bonding advice by teaching your girlfriend how to trim your beard.

Social activities between you and your girlfriend are the stable forefront of any solid relationship and mutual grooming was voted one of the top 5 ‘most unusual things girls love’ by a popular female magazine. So we thought we would take this opportunity to show you how to make a fun, playful evening out of beard trimming.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make sure you have a decent set of beard trimmers, it is said that the tools don’t make the man but in this case, the tools will definitely help your girlfriend in not making a complete hash up of the job leaving all of your colleagues to laugh at your misshaped facial hair. We suggest the Philips QC5380 Male Hair Clippers with 12 built-in length settings so your girlfriend can start with a safe length before she goes for the finer details around your neckline and ears.

Step 1 : Initiate the gesture with a playful comment in the form of a challenge… ‘I bet you dinner you couldn’t trim my beard as well as I could!’ then watch the determination and smile on her face appear as she accepts your challenge and applauds your sudden intuitive playful side.

Step 2: Show her how the beard trimmer actually works first, simple things like turning it on how to change the length settings and of course which way the beard trimmer goes! Again this can be made pretty funny by asking her to figure it out herself first and although it should only take her a few seconds to find the on button and thumb slider for length settings this is a new experience for women as they’ve never used such a manly device before.

Step 3 : Get her to stand behind you with you sitting on a chair in front of a mirror then make the experience even more playful by asking her to take on the role of a barber giving you the full treatment, towel and all. We know this is starting to sound like you’re just looking to get a free makeover (you are) but don’t let her know that. Lean back and rest your head over the back of the chair exposing your neck and chin so she can look down on you and get the best view of your beard.

Step 4 : Get her to start with short movements from the lower neck to the chin with a larger length setting than you would want the final outcome to allow her to get used to the feel of the beard trimmer, ask how she is doing and ‘Are you ok with that?’ she’ll like to think she’s in control having this presumed power over you when in fact you’ll be pulling all the strings. After the neck tells her to move to the side of your face and chin with the moustache area last, half the fun of doing it this way is that she’ll be able to laugh at you sporting various 1970’s beard styles such as goatees and Movember style moustaches.

When all is done and dusted she’ll have a sexy shaven man ready to take her out for dinner because let’s face it, she did a better job than you could have.

Body Shaving for men


When men talk about shaving, the last thing they will ever bring up in conversation is what beard trimmer they used to shave their chest, back, armpits, navel and even their groin.

Some men prefer to simply trim and maintain their body hair while others prefer to get rid of it completely. Think that shaving your body hair isn’t masculine? It is a known fact that the most vicious wrestlers wax or shave their chest so there’s less to grab hold of during a match! Not so feminine now, is it? Also, it’s a proven fact that 87% of women in the UK prefer a man that at least uses a beard trimmer to tidy up his body hair with the back, nose and ears being the most hated areas of hair growth on men.

Shaving your Chest

When shaving any part of your body that isn’t your face including your chest, treat it the same as any regular shave, start by warming up the skin by having a hot shower and then lather the area up using normal shaving cream. Chest hair likes to grow in many different directions unlike facial hair that usually grows in one general direction so always shave your chest from the top-down, shaving from the bottom up means you are more likely to put more pressure on your skin and increases the risk of cutting yourself. Also be sure to leave the nipple area till last and NEVER shave ACROSS your nipples as they are very sensitive and will cut easily, instead shave outwards from the middle in all directions, one stroke is usually enough to sort those few pesky hairs out.

Shaving your Back

When using a beard trimmer for your back, it is strongly recommended that you find someone to help you as it is very little you can do by yourself. At best you’ll be able to do your shoulders with each opposite arm so until you have someone to help you it’s best to stick to waxing strips if you have to go about trimming your back solo. Ask your helper to use small even strokes with very little pressure, let your beard trimmer do all the hard work for you.

Shaving your Armpits

More and more men are shaving their armpits, not only because it will compliment your new hairless chest, but because scientifically it actually helps you smell better. Armpit hair traps sweat under your arms, that when left to dry creates that horrible odour we are all too familiar with, removing your armpit hair won’t stop you sweating but will stop the build-up of larger amounts of liquid drying and causing a stink. When shaving your armpit hairs always remember to lather up like usual and make small quick strokes to get rid of the larger amounts to begin with, once thinned out, you can go on to make larger strokes to smoothen out the area completely. Remember to moisturising and apply an aftershave balm to stop irritation. Just ask any woman and I’m sure they will tell you how it’s done!

Shaving your Groin

Ok, we knew it was coming and this for many men will be the deal-breaker, you’ve shaved your chest, armpit, back and shoulders, do you really have to shave your groin? Well again it’s completely your own choice, no one is forcing you to do it, many men trim their pubic hair for many reasons, some women prefer it, others hate it. If you are in a relationship and considering shaving your pubic hair always ask them first, hair grows of course but if your partner decides they don’t like it, that’s a few weeks out of the bedroom for you if you act irrationally.

When trimming your pubic hair, pull the skin tighter around the area you are shaving to make the skin as flat as possible, use gentle strokes toward your navel and then work your way around the sides and any other area’s you feel necessary. Use a good quality moisturiser immediately after shaving to avoid irritation and itching the next day.

So there you have it, best of luck with finding alternative uses for your beard trimmers.

Best Beard Trimmer of 2021


Beard trimmer is a tool used by many men to maintain the length of their mustaches and beards. These are good to use with a beard as you can stick to your usual length with the help of a beard trimmer. There will be no need to go to the salon again and again if you have it in your home. Therefore, you should keep it in your shaving kit so that you can use it any time you need it.

There are different types of the beard trimmers available in the market. These include corded, cordless, wet trimmers and dry trimmers. Some of the beard trimmers are available with a hair cutter which can be used to cut the hair as well. Some of them include vacuum add-ons. Some beard trimmers are made up of the stainless steel. Beard trimmers are also available in foil design. These are specially designed for the sensitive skin. You can also buy an electric trimmer as well. You must look for the beast trimmers by making a search on the beard trimmer reviews. These reviews will let you know about everything and you will be more convinced about which one to choose ? What is a Beard Trimmer?


1- Philips Norelco TT2040/34 BodyGroom 7100

body groomer and shaver 2 en 1

We will provide you the best beard timmer reviews . we reviewed about six top selling beard and mustache trimmer manufacturers in the world and one of their best-selling product. By going through these reviews, you can determine the best beard trimmer, which can cater all your needs and requirements.

The Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 stands out as an all-in-one trimmer, without the hassle of the usual attachment changes. Five integrated length settings, self-sharpening blades, wet and dry use, 3D pivoting head it is suitable for all over body use. Pre-trimmers at the sides allow you a close shave with no need to repeat the shaving motion twice.

You can forget your skepticism about nicks anywhere with the flexible head. Experience the perfect close shave or the desired length with settings for the “dirty” look. Are you one of the men with a preference for a clean-shaven pubic area with sensitive skin? We all know the dangers attached to private area shaves, nicks, rashes and worse. The only shaver specially designed for men who like a smooth clean-shaven appearance all-over. Being fully waterproof, you do your grooming in the shower or sitting on the throne. Moreover, no need to change attachments you have 50 minutes of shaving after a charge. Charging and storage is simple with a sleek, foldable stand, LED battery indicator, showing you charging status and need only an hour to fully charge.

Looking at the pros of this trimmer , we have to include Cons, which is very few, one actually. Men do find this shaver less desirable for use of beards. Clean shaven beards that is, it works perfectly for body grooming and hair cuts even, but the angles does not allow for the perfect close shave of facial hair as advertised.

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2- Philips Norelco Qt4070 Turbo Vacuum Trimmer, Stubble and Moustache Trimmer Pro

If you want to make sure that stubble does not wreak havoc on your shaved face,this Philips beard and mustache trimmer is a great option for your needs. There are several great features available that make it a top contender in the best stubble categories. The following explains more about this top of the line and best beard trimmers out there and why it might be a perfect addition to your repertoire of grooming products.

This trimmer is excellent. I had an older Norelco  that was basically the same thing, and I used it for probably 5-6 years, but it was starting to die and pieces were breaking, so I had to replace it. This newer version works very well for adjusting beard height, and the contour comb piece is great. It is very easy to clean, and portable. I definitely would recommend this, especially for the price.

Here are my complaints and they are minor, but they are the reason for 4 stars instead: it doesn’t have an attachment for getting hard to reach areas, like under your nose. My old razor had one and it was very convenient, and also good for areas around your lips for mustache trimming. The brush that it comes with is also very tiny and hard to grip. I actually threw it out and still use my old Norelco brush because it’s much easier to clean with that one.

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3- Wahl All-In-One Lithium Ion

best mustache trimmer
beard trimmer for men

Men seek the most efficient devices for their personal grooming needs, including the technologies in their trimmers for men often boast the best technologies, but one of the leaders in this area is the Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion trimmer. What is different and innovative about this product? A quick review of its features will enlighten you.

The Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion is a highly innovative device because of its energy saving attributes. This grooming apparatus has Lithium Ion technology and was the first trimmer to do so. What this means for you is that there is virtually no charge lost when the device is in storage and it is environmentally friendly.

The lithium ion battery produces more charge and lasts longer. It also comes equipped with fully rechargeable batteries which mean you will not have to spend extra money keeping your device running and buying new batteries. The recharging time is amazingly quick as well. In just one minute of quick charge time, you can get what enough power to trim for a time and for a fully charged battery, only one hour is required.

The trimmer itself is also of the top grade as well. There is a precision detailer which allows for use on the nose, ears, and brow as well as a dual shaver for the edges of your facial hair. Included as well is the clipper blade for haircuts and fades. All of these blades are professional grade, making this an energy efficient and professional product to use.

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4- Braun Cruzer 6

Braun Cruzer 6 beard trimmer and body shaver
Cruzer 6 Face beard trimmer

Getting the most dependable and reliable trimmer for head and beard is not a big issue because there are various products that are offered in the market. Actually, this hygienic tool is necessary as it cleans the head and beard for great comfort and best look.

There are unique aspects to find from head and beard trimmer that are perfect for actual settings. The tool is easily locked and snapped into place until then that the length setting is achieved. Apart from it, it is ingenious and simple that it creates a more-detailed work.

This is such a superb and great device because its intended use is to shave the head and beard for a completely smoother and fairer skin. More so, this trimmer maintains and crops body, head and facial hair that it serves as a tool and is even a great and excellent gift idea!

Braun Cruzer 6  its the best trimmer for your beard : Count is the most powerful tool that aims to achieve a perfect style on head and beard. This remarkably features a longer-lasting battery life that even lets you choose on the six various length settings, from one to eleven millimeters.

In travelling, it is much easier when this tool is accompanied and placed inside the luggage. The comfort it brings is truly magical because it creates a stress-free, clean and even refreshing look. Apart from it, styling the head and beard is made easier.

In addition, this product runs on a dual battery that it can adjust on tough conditions for a firmer and more even trim. The beard comb can be adjusted for six settings that are made perfect to achieve a full beard and stubble look. Likewise, the hair comb can also be adjusted for six settings for more accurate trimmed hairstyles. Both of them have their lock and click functionality to achieve the most accurate beard shaping.

Its sliding and unique trimmer is the most ideal for trimming and styling difficult-to-reach spots, such as the edges of the goatee. When the comb is fixed, the trimmer perfectly works. Its sealed body makes it easy to wash it thoroughly plus it is handy for trimming and easy styling.

Apart from it, the device is also given its exact contours and shapes without removing the comb. This is also the same with hairstyle that the patterns and lines all depend.

Getting an irresistibly groomed head and beard is possible through the use of Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer . This is the most ideal trimmer to use for men in trimming their beard and head for the most-achieved style and look. Trimming tough beards and clipping hair at desired length is possible using this versatile tool with optimum precision .

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5- Wahl beard trimmer 9918-6171 Groomsman

beard trimmer professionel
wahl beard trimmer

Looking smart and achieving a clean shave is perfectly possible through the use of a Wahl trimmer . This is more dependable because of the accuracy and perfection that it offers. Apart from it, its ergonomic design makes it more appealing to use for facial hair. The elements it has are softer that allow for quick grip.

So far, this is the most perfect hygienic tool to use in cleaning up the beard and mustache. This trimmer comes along with its extra features that help more in shaving or trimming. They add convenience and extra help for thorough and ultimate cleaning of the face.

Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer is by far the best hygienic tool to use on the face because of its steel blades. These steel blades are sharper that can last for a definite period of time. They achieve a much closer cut that creates a perfect look. Actually, this is cordless that merely allows you to use it with a rechargeable battery.

In addition, the regulator provides various options to better maintain the shape of moustache and beard. Other interesting features of electric trimmer are the gripping pads and contour design that make it easy and comfortable to grip while trimming or shaving.

Maintaining it is not a problem because it comes with blade oil and a cleaning brush. Other than that, this is pretty much easier to store because a storage couch is already provided. It can be carried whenever and wherever you go.

Other than that, the product effectively works either cordless or plugged in. Surely, bringing it is not a problem, either on a vacation or a trip. This is proven helpful because of the specifically-made features and a whole lot more. There is no other shaving tool that beats the quality of the material and the features that this product already has.

Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer is a perfect option for men who seek a versatile facial hair trimmer to clean their face. Along with the many advantages and features, this trimmer is also perfect because it fits on the budget and the precision it offers is great. In fact, no other product beats the performance that this product has.

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A Beard trimmer is the best device, which can assist you to move with the new fashion trends. People who are concerned about personal grooming prefer to embrace the latest fashions and trim their hair including facial hair according to the hottest trend. Click here to read our shaving tips articles.

There are a lot of different trimmers on the market, some made for grooming hair and some is specially made for facial hair. The significant difference between both is the blade size. With a wider blade, a hair clipper is very difficult to navigate in a smaller area like above the lip or chin. That is why my first guide, if you want to have a trimmer for your beard, is to get a beard trimmer instead of hair clippers.

Include details like price, battery, use and other things. There are some of the factors which should consider when you look for a beard trimmer ?.

  1. Price of the device : a price is the most important factor which should be thought over. It should be not more costly than the shaver. Make sure you can afford it. There is no point in spending so much on a device when it does not even work well.
  2. Blade Precision : you should check before buying the trimmer that what types of blades are used in it. It should have options for different lengths of the beard. Look if it is having memory settings for specific length, shape and speed to remember.
  3. Ease to Use  : one of the features of a quality device should be that it should be easy to use and pick up. There should be no difficulty to use it instantly. Check if it is bulky or heavy to use. You should get the one according to your comfort and need. Do not go for the features which are not even needed. Make sure that you like the buttons placed on it and the way of shaving is suitable to you. This is a most necessary feature a device should have. It is something you will use on a regular basis therefore must be easy to handle.
  4. Battery Life  : check the battery life of the trimmer. It should have a longer battery life. Make sure that battery can be used later even when the trimmer dies. Check the time taken by the beard trimmer to get fully charged. It should not take a long time and should be easy to charge so that you can charge it easily while on a trip or somewhere else outside the home.
  5. Attachments – If you’re going to spend the money on a device, you should make sure the model you pick includes guides and attachments. These add-ons will make your purchase more valuable to you. guides and attachments give you depth control when you trim your facial hair. They’re useful for maintaining a consistent length of facial hair for your beard, mustache, and sideburns. Other attachments or features of a good trimmer allow you to trim nose hair, ear, hair, and even your eyebrows.
  6. Cleaning the device – If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t want to waste time fiddling with a tiny brush trying to clean out every blade on your trimmer. Some devices include a cleaning brush, but also give you the ability to simply rinse the trimmer blades under running water.

How to Use ?

Once you’ve found the best beard trimmer for your face, there are a few basic guidelines you should follow to obtain the best shave.

1. Look in the mirror and take a close look at the unwanted, stray hairs on your neck. Use your trimmer without the guard to shave your neck. This will give your facial hair a cleaner look when you’re done.

2. Determine what you want your beard to look like. French beard, goatee, mustache, depth and length of sideburns, etc. Then select the attachment or guide for your beard trimmer to get the length you want.

3. Turn on your device and use slow upward strokes to trim your beard. This makes your facial hair stand up and allows the trimmer to cut cleanly and evenly. Use an attachment to trim the length of your beard, mustache, and sideburns.

4. Remove the guard or attachments and use the device to touch up any areas that still need trimming. Trim the facial hair on your chin in a straight line, and make sure your beard and sideburns are even on both sides.

5. Clean and rinse your beard trimmer, and put it away until your next shave.


The above discussion should give you some ideas about the best-selling facial hair trimmers available in the present world. You need to compare not only their prices but also their performance. These trimmers will enhance the look of your beard and make you outstanding among others.

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