Panasonic Beard Hair Trimmer

The brand new all-in-one cordless hair/beard trimmer take pleasure in Panasonic handles the whole thing your grooming needs, loves beards to children’s haircuts, without any hefty attachments. Shape your beard, moustache, or sideburns and without difficulty a spin of the Quick Adjust Dial ‘ there are an wonderful 14 facet settings given that any technique of hair. Stainless steel, fast-action blades break up your hair smoothly in addition to cleanly, providing you the exact cut back at effortlessly the factual length. With technology that tailor-fits each slash to your preference, the Panasonic hair/beard trimmer is a whole game as you with your family. The trimmer is completely immersible water, as a result split however the thickest hair plus it rinses sparkling merely below the tap.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1466 Health furthermore Beauty
  • Color: Black/Grey
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: ER422S
  • Released on: 2006-04-01
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.00″ h x 2.00″ w x 3.00″ l, 1.14 pounds


  • Cordless trimmer tackles beards, sideburns, mustaches, as well as however your children hair
  • Quick accustomed dial traits 14 breadth settings (0.04 to 0.79 inches)
  • Pop-up truth trimmer expertly shapes facial hair
  • Precision-cut, stainless-steel, speedily demeanor blades are hypo-allergenic
  • Easy-to-clean furthermore utterly immersible inside water

What I liked:
Panasonic, so you know it’s reliable, wet/dry so you can use it in the shower and not get hair all over, one comb with many settings means you don’t need 17 attachemnts you’ll lose. Quiet, trims very evenly (and comb locks in place when you turn it on so it can’t move). WATCH VIDEO TO SEE HOW TO USE IT (because that’s the only thing, you have to hold it just right or it doesn’t cut anything at all-that’s probably a safety feature, and it’s not going to ever gouge you, but I’ll show you how and save you time.

1. The entire trimmer is washable. However, you must regularly oil it to keep it in good working order.

2. There are 14 separate length adjustments, even though the dial will show the max numbered length is 20.

3. Very sturdy and well built trimmer.

4. When on, the trimmer adjustment is locked down and takes a great amount of force to push the trimmer guard down. If you are able to push the guard down, it immediately turns off the trimmer. An excellent safety feature, for your hair that is!

5. The trimmer guard is removable, and beneath it is a smaller trimmer that can be extended to be activated and is to be used to help get at those smaller and hard to reach areas, like under the nose, etc.

6. Relatively quiet operation.

7. Quick charging.

8. Cordless.

What I don’t like:

1. The smaller trimmer beneath the trimmer guard works, but is slightly better than the one located on my electric shaver.

Everyday Use Experience:

As I’ve said I used this trimmer right away on my goatee and was very impressed. It didn’t catch any of my hairs once and that’s very important to me! The guard was larger than I expected but works great, and that’s all that matters. The trimmer comes with a small tube of oil and a hairbrush, which I thought was helpful. I also was impressed that it was washable, however, the brush thus far has been adequate. Especially since it’s no problem to remove the guard. After just a few passes with the trimmer, my goatee looked great. That is a good thing about having such a large guard, you only need to go over your beard a few times.

Then I used it on my son’s head. His hair was growing over his ears and my wife was at work. So I sat him in the bathtub, turned the dial to a 5 and began… Then I left my wife a message telling her what I’d done. She came home, and the first words out of her mouth was, “What have you done???” However, I thought it went great. Granted his head was all one length, and maybe a little shorter than I was expecting… But besides all that, the trimmer itself worked flawlessly! I was able to trim his hair and again no snags or pulling. He was quite content to let me use it on him as it is a rather quiet trimmer anyways. I have not used the trimmer on my own head because I’m not that daring.


If you are looking for a great facial hair trimmer or any other body part trimmer for that matter, then I highly recommend you buy this trimmer. Again, I have not used it on my own head, so I can only attest that the trimmer works great on my son’s head, but don’t ask my wife… However, that had nothing to do with the trimmer itself, just my ability to use it and choose the correct length, but that’s a different story.