5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes

No matter, how old you are, it is important to take care of your eyes. Here are five tips for men to help them protect their eyes from strain and ensure that they will be around for many more years:

1) Get regular eye exams

2) Wear sunglasses when outdoors in the sun

3) Eat foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries and spinach which have been shown to reduce the risk of macular degeneration by up to 40%!

4) Be sure not to use any devices before bedtime as this can lead to dryness, redness or other problems with your eyesight. If you must use electronics late at night, turn off backlit screens so as not to cause damage to your eyes

5) Lastly, eat foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries and spinach which have been shown to reduce the risk of macular degeneration by up to 40%!

These are just a few tips for men who want to take care of their eyes. Men can do this with the help of an eye doctor, a diet change or simply wearing sunglasses in order to protect themselves from UV rays and other harmful factors that can lead to vision problems down the road. To learn more about taking care of your eyes visit your local optometrist when to get an up to date eye exam.

12 Beard Styles To Make You Look Suave

bearded man

The beard has become a symbol of masculinity and power, but it doesn’t have to be long or full to make you look suave. With the right style, your facial hair can help accentuate your features and leave people wondering how you managed to grow such a well-kept beard. In this blog post we will discuss 12 different styles that are perfect for men of all ages who want to keep their facial hair neat but not overgrown.

So you’re growing a beard and wondering what to do with it. You could shave off the hair, but then nobody will be able to see how awesome your face is. Plus, you want people to know that you have power over them because of all this facial fuzz on your chin.

A well-kept beard can leave others astounded at just how groomed and manly you are – yet not so full as to cover up those handsome features!

The best part about having a beard? It’s good for both guys who don’t need any extra help in the attractiveness department or someone looking for an edge in their dating life (I’ll let you fill in the blanks there). But grooming isn’t enough; there are a number of styles you can rock with your beard. Here’s the rundown on some great, stylish beards:

Beard and Mustache Styles to Know:

-Goatee -A goatee is one of those timeless facial hair styles that has been around for centuries. A goatee doesn’t grow fully from all angles so there will always be two different lengths in this style; it also looks best when most of the growth comes down past about an inch below the chin. The mustache should connects at its first point just above or beneath where the corners of your mouth meet. Go with a long pipe cleaner type mustache if you want this look to appear fuller without the need for any additional grooming.

-Van Dyke -The Van Dyke is an excellent beard style that’s more of a chinstrap type mustache and hair on the chin but not in between your mouth, instead it starts at the lips to frame them. This style can be paired with sideburns or without, depending on what you prefer and how closely cropped you want everything. It looks best when all facial hair is trimmed neatly so there are no stray hairs sticking out; this will make it look neater as well as give space for your other features to shine through too!

-Mutton Chops -This style is a little more daring but also one of the most fun to rock as it brings out your inner bad boy. To create this look, simply shave off everything around and above where you’re usually shaved so that only the chin area has hair on it. The Mutton chops are best worn with sideburns or without.

-The Friendly Muttonchop -A variant on its predecessor, this beard features mutton chops but includes some mustache too for balance in both facial features and looks. It’s a great option if you want something different than just chinstrap (or Van Dyke) type mustaches alone!

-Chinstrap -The chinstrap is the easiest, most popular beard style out there. It’s perfect for those with a round face type! To create this look, simply shave off everything around and above where you’re usually shaved so that only the chin area has hair on it–the chinstrap should be worn without any mustache or sideburns because they can make your face appear too wide.

-Van Dyke Mustache -A classic mustachioed version of a goatee that features long whiskers but not quite as many as a full beard would have; think Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind when he was still handsome instead of just tired all the time. This particular facial hairstyle is perfect for those with a long, narrow face type.

-The Goatee -This style features whiskers on the chin and lower lip only; no mustache or anything else around it allowed! It’s great for those who want to keep their facial hair without having an overgrown beard that makes them look like they’re about to take part in some sort of questionable festival where people wear animal heads.

-The Light Stubble Beard -A good choice for men who find themselves stuck between mustaches but not quite wanting a full beard–plus, it can be shaved off whenever you need easy access to your mouth…which means more kissing time!! This particular style has stubble that just covers most of the area below your bottom lip and chin.

-The Long Stubble Beard -If you’re a fan of mustaches, but don’t want the time commitment that comes with growing out your beard–this is for you! This style has short strands of hair on the cheeks and lower jawline to mimic a mustache without actually having one. The end result looks like stubble, so it’s easy to maintain by just shaving off any strays every now and then.

-The Short Goatee -This variation of goatee can be trimmed or shaved if needed, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. It leaves whiskers only below the bottom lip; no mustache allowed in this look either! If you’ve got an oval or round face, goatee styles are great for you because they add a masculine touch without adding too much bulk.

-The Tickler -This style is similar to the Short Goatee but has whiskers that extend all the way across and under your chin. It’s perfect for those who already have some kind of beard growth or plan on growing one soon! You can do this by shaving off any stray hairs below your bottom lip so it doesn’t grow past–or it’s just as easy if you want to maintain stubble instead of trimming anything at all.

-The Anchor Beard -Anchors are popular among men in colder climates since they’re an excellent wintertime solution when beards tend to get patchy and scraggly. It’s a goatee style that is thick on the bottom, but has no chin whiskers or mustache.

-The French Fork -This beard starts off as any other short cropped beard with a clean shaven face below your lower lip line, until in comes to an abrupt end at either side of your mouth just before it reaches your cheeks–hence the name “French fork.”

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Wahl Pro Ion Horse Clippers Review

Wahl Pro Ion Clipper for Horse

Wahl Horse Clippers

The Wahl Pro series

This Amazon Choice product is No 1 for clipping and maintaining wiry, smooth, long, silky and short coats on horses. With excellent reviews, it is the top product to trim and maintain the coat. 


  • The Wahl Pro Series Lithium clipper is ideal for clipping and maintaining wiry, smooth, long, silky and short coats
  • With lithium ion technology the Pro Series Lithium cord-cordless clipper offers up to 120 minutes of cordless cutting and use with the cord means you’ll never run out of charge
  • Features a 15 minute quick charge option for up to 10 minutes of additional use
  • Adjustable taper lever enables cutting lengths of between 0.8 and 1.8 mm and with attachment combs included for lengths of 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm
  • The ergonomically designed clipper offers balanced, comfortable and easy use when clipping, superior blade geometry


  • Multi-purpose animal clipper with four attachment combs with for a variety of lengths ranging between 3, 6, 10 and 13 mm.
  • 120 minute run time.
  • Satin chrome adjustable blade collection in addition to electricity cord
  • Kit includes: clipper, long time storage case, cleaning brush, blade oil, blade watch with instruction manual
  • 12 month warranty and Wahl does have a good reputation for replacement parts after this period.

Check the price here on Amazon

Heavy Duty Clippers – Wahl Pro Ion Horse Clippers Rechargeable

Wahl Pro Ion Clipper for Horse


  • The pro ion cord-cordless trimmer is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use
  • Lithium ion batteries are fully recharged in 180 minutes and offer up to 120 minutes cordless operation
  • Featuring a 15 minute quick charge option for up to 10 minutes of additional use
  • Includes four attachment combs and features an easy, adjustable taper control system allowing cutting lengths from 0.8 mm to 13 mm
  • Ideal for trimming face, ears, bridle path and legs

By Traci Clevenger

I have used these Show Pro clippers on 2 show horses for three years straight, (no body clipping of course, but I would certainly invest in much stronger/tougher clippers if I did body clip an entire horse – other reviewers knocked these great clippers because they wouldn’t body clip a horse…buy a body clipping clipper for that!) These are GREAT & SOLID for continuous work on feet, legs, bridle path, etc….have used them for clipping mine & many others horses for shows. PLUS we also raise miniature dairy goats and BODY CLIP them every year with these clippers…they have done a great job. I am here to purchase a 2nd pair as a back-up pair, since mine are VERY heavily used & over 3 years old now. These are a great product for the price…and they are called ShowPro for a reason I think…if you are wanting to get your horse trimmed up for show or warmer weather then these are great! If you are wanting to shave off ALL the winter hair from a hairy pony, then you should probably put (ALOT) more money into buying a body clipper.
I have had these clippers for a couple of years. I didn’t use them for much more than whiskers and bridle paths. I didn’t change the blades up until this year. I used them to body clip my horse for the first time this week and they were fantastic! Quick and resilient. I LOVE these clippers! I even use them to clip fun quarter marks on my horse.

10 Grooming Tips For Men

10 Grooming Tips For Men

The evolution of humans continues with the metrosexual chap. This is a man who is confident, stylish, and masculine while still maintaining his masculinity. Metro-sexually groomed men know that in order to meet the benefits guy grooming can offer, they need to follow these 10 simple rules:

Tip 1 – Get your skin on track!

Get on top of things early by getting into good habits now; for example, start washing your face regularly so when its time for an evening out looking suitably fresh won’t be such hard work because regular facial cleanses can really make difference in appearance (and don’t forget about moisturizing!).

Drinking enough water is essential to maintain skin health. If you drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day, your body will be able to flush harmful toxins and keep organs functioning properly- leading to healthy-looking, supple skin!

Tip 2 – Know your skin type

If you want to know how best to take care of your skin, it is essential that you start by knowing what type of skin you have. For instance, if the surface area on your face feels oily at all times and has a tendency towards breakouts then look for an oil-free moisturizer with SPF protection. If instead, when waking every morning there are visible red spots around my nose or temples where I’ve picked off some flakes from acne scarring it will be important for me to use a gentle exfoliant in addition to apply sunscreen before going outside into the sunlight so as not cause any further damage

The first step in caring properly for one’s complexion should always begin by recognizing whether they suffer from dryness or excess oils and using the right moisturizer for your skin type.

Tip 3 – Eye creams for tired eyes

Do your eyes always give away the truth? Give them a break with this quick fix. Use an eye cream to get more puffy free, less wrinkled skin and tell those family members it was just late-night tv!

Tip 4 – Impeccable hair

Get an impeccable haircut, the one that adjusts to your facial expression and hair type. Not certain what’s in style or whatever will go well with you? Head down to a salon for some expert advice on how best to groom your hair, beard and brows! They can see what suits the shape of your face and advise what type of beard and haircut would go well together. If you have greys, they can manage it.

Tip 5 – Learn the skill of the precise beard shave

Shaving is one of the oldest grooming practices in human history, but it has quickly become a dying art. There are plenty of steps you can take to improve your shave and make shaving part of an enjoyable ritual for yourself that includes preparing with hot water or warm towels before getting into bed at night. Use intention when picking out products like good disposables razors or quality brushes and creams so as not to have any skin irritation later on down the line from using subpar materials which might be too harsh on sensitive skin types more prone to breakouts due to dryness, acne, eczema etc. A barber will always do an excellent job if asked about trimming up facial hair after you shave and groom yourself; they know what looks best.

Tip 6 – Shower daily

Make like a gentlemen and shower daily! Keep clean by washing every day and if necessary, remember to use body washables not soap. You’ll avoid drying out your skin with this choice too. And don’t forget the antiperspirant deodorants for all-day freshness!

Showering is an essential part of life as well as keeping up hygiene can help make you feel better in more ways than one: it keeps you smelling good while also preventing dry, flaky skin. It takes only about 5 minutes so there’s really no excuse not to hop into the steamy water at least once per day!!

Tip 7 – Tweezer Up

Tweezers are a vital tool in both beauty and hygiene. From ear hairs to nose hair, they can help you keep your appearance clean-cut or natural.

Tweezing unwanted hairs from the ears is essential for not only keeping up appearances but also staying hygienic! Ear wax gathers on these tiny strands of fuzz which may be uncomfortable when it builds up over time. Tweeze them away regularly with tweezers instead of using cotton swabs so that this accumulation doesn’t cause buildup on other areas such as an acne breakout due to bacteria trapped against skin cells by improperly removed oily residue left behind after drying out the area.

Tip 8 – Good nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet coupled with a number of general exercises are the key to feeling better and having more energy. Eating too much junk food can actually make you feel sluggish and tired. So don’t just eat fruits and vegetables; have at least one serving every day! The difference in your skin texture will be noticeable as well as improving hair quality if these foods are on top of your grocery list regularly.

Tip 9 – Cultivate a killer smile

Everyone should have a killer smile. Brush your teeth twice daily, wash your tongue with an antiseptic mouthwash and visit the dentist regularly to maintain that beautiful pearly white smile. Look for UV teeth whitening if you have a yellow discoloration from regular tea or coffee drinking.

Tip 10 – Nail care

Don’t neglect other parts of your hands like keeping nails short. Get yourself a nail filing or at least stock up on manicure supplies for trimming and cleaning – after all, you’re always on the go!

Oster Pet Clipper Blades A5

Oster Pet Clipper Blades A5

Leaves hair 1/16”- 1.5mm. Used because reducing ears, pads of feet, face, lower than path as well as as the removal of mats on dogs. Also, cast off given that the entirety use along with body restraining of horses. Compatible along furthermore A5, Power Pro, Power Max, Performax, Protégé in addition to Groom Master Clippers. Innovative warm temperature curbing technology plus legendary harsh scything performance. Cryogenically restrained as longer wear resistance.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #187 Pet Products
  • Size: Large
  • Brand: Oster
  • Model: 78919-046
  • Released on: 2006-10-16
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ h x 9.75″ w x 3.50″ l,


  • Cryogenically controlled clipper blade cuts hair sip to 1-1/2 millimeters
  • Glides finished hair without pulling or tugging
  • 20 degrees cooler than common A-5 blades
  • Compatible as well as A-5, Power Pro, Power Max, Performax, Protege, furthermore Groom Master clippers

I clip my Giant Schnauzer and have tried many different blade types in search of blades that will stay sharp for more than just 3-4 hair cuts. Admittedly, I’m hard on my blades and frequent forget to oil and spray them. Also, I usually clip my dog without washing him first. These blades have far outlasted everything else I have tried (including ceramic) by lasting for 10 hair cuts.First thing I did when getting this blade was put the unread directions to the side and take a screw driver to both this and the existing blade on my A5.

Leave the blade (actually 4 pieces) intact to remove and replace.
Do Not Unscrew Anything!

It took two patient tech support people and two phone camera pix sent in to verify I was reassembling the pieces correctly to get everything back together. But the people at Oster were kind and patient.

Here’s what you do:
On the A5, press the lever down to pop up the front end of the old blade and slide it up and off the shaver.
Then slide the new one down on the shaver and press down till it clicks.
That’s it.

All else fails: take the parts to a dog groomer and ask nicely for help in assembly. That works too.
Don’t ask me how I know that.

Epilator Reviews

Braun Epilady

There are lots of epilators manufactured by Braun, Emjoi, Epilady, Panasonic, as well as Philips. Broadly speaking, there are 3 sorts of epilators. The foremost category is the cordless epilator. These epilators are battery-operated, and portable. These electrically operated epilators and corded and also come along furthermore an AC adaptor. The other sort is a rechargeable epilator. These are gears that provide you with the choice to select between AC adaptor in addition to rechargeable, cordless convenience based on your required portability. The major designs are spinning tweezing barrel, as well as turning disc.

  • For rotary tweezer type, the apparatus principal consists of parts of trivial tweezers mounted on a turning drum that snatch a hair, draw it plus make time for it by the roots. For example, the Braun Silk-Epil Xelle Body System Epilator presents because several given that 40 uniquely sited tweezers given that prolonged durable shiny skin.
  • For whirling disc type, numerous metal discs turn around opposing directives to intellectual capacity plus tear out the hair at the root. I might imagine that if you are craving to protect a heavier sphere in less time, at the moment a disc-operated style of epilator may possibly type your epilation speedy also numerous effective hair removal. At choked speed, the Epilady Legend epilator, and its 40 tweezer discs, creates 32,000 tweezes in keeping with a minute!

Whether it is corded, rechargeable or battery-operated, numerous epilators for the reason that females come plus multiple momentum direct which allows you to customize each hair removal experience. Even notwithstanding via an epilator to dispose of unwanted hair realizes not eradicate the follicle nor curtail regrowth, lots of females in addition opt for to principle such tools since of the longer periods between hair removal.

To get your hands on an also more proficient advice of the action of the many epilators given that women, you may possibly yet go through various of the epilators appraisals found out surf the net furthermore performance a innermost epilator comparison based on users’ experiences.

Soft furthermore pleasant epilation shiny skin since weeks.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #912 Health also Beauty
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Braun
  • Model: SE 3170
  • Released on: 2011-02-28
  • Dimensions: 7.76″ h x 7.09″ w x 2.56″ l, .70 pounds


  • Massaging rollers smoothly vacation on the skin motivating it to alleviate the epilation sensation
  • 20 tweezer organization meekly eliminates hair at the basis given that fluid skin given that weeks
  • Softlift tips: successfully lift however flat lying hairs at the basis also show each other to the tweezers
  • Speed personalization: rapidity 1 – more gentle; pace 2 – additional efficient

My first epilator

By Mary Johnson
Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RX2K6IFW5V3NM

I’ve been waxing my legs since Nad’s debuted about 10 years ago, and I have been shaving my underarms for about as long. I’ve always preferred waxing to shaving due to the fact that I didn’t have to do it often, but because I do it myself, was never one to try waxing my underarms. I also shave my bikini area, but have recently started waxing. I only recently became familiar with epilators less than 2 weeks ago. I saw 1 in a sharper image store, and so began my research. After viewing several different epilators, reading numerous reviews, and watching reviews, I decided to go with this 1. I have to admit, being used to waxing, it was not easy to start with this. A previous reviewer said to shave/trim the hairs prior to using for the first time, but that takes too much time. I took a shower, dried, and went to town on my legs. After a few minutes, it got easy, and I got bold. Went over both legs (below the knee only), and proceeded to my underarms. This seemed difficult at first, but then realized it hurt less if you started with a smaller area ie work your way in from the outside of the underarm. Excited with the progress I made, I decided to use this on my bikini area as well. This only proved difficult because the hair was about 1/2″ long. I am a firm believer that “pretty hurts” so I worked through the pain. I had a few red spots after finishing, but I read that that would be caused by the follicle actually being removed. Some reviewers have mentioned having ingrown hairs after. Similar to waxing, one must apply something to skin after hair removal (whatever your poison) and exfoliate daily. I use the hair removal items which came in the Nad’s hair removal kit. Overall, I am please with my experience. I have not noticed any ingrown hairs or irritation, which could be because I followed the advice of another reviewer; applying baby/talcum powder to the area prior to epilating. My skin is smooth now and I love it!!

  • Pros:
    IMO pays for itself in about 5/6 uses
    Not as messy as waxing
    No stubble later (compared to shaving)
    Easy maintenance of tool

Little noisy (but doesn’t wake up my dog)

I love this product and I would definitely recommend it to others as I have already started doing.

Everyone is different. Some may not respond well to using a product like this due to skin sensitivity.

Video Note:
I’m epilating part of the area at and above the knee (which I did not do before) and an area of my lower leg which I noticed I had missed from the last time.


Is it battery operated?
This particular epilator must be used with the cord. There are some others made by Braun, Emjoi, and other brands which are rechargeable. The rechargeable epilators can be a bit more expensive compared to this one.

Is it dual voltage?
If you look on the back of the cord plug, it says “Input: 100-240V” which means it is dual voltage, however, the plug is the US type. One would need to purchase a plug adapter to use it in other countries.

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear/Nose Trimmer

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear/Nose Trimmer

Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear/Nose Trimmer

This Amazon Choice product is an excellent choice for Ear / Nose Hair Trimming.

The most excellent means to shave their hair these days is unquestionably not and the aged razor blade any more. There is a new, safer approach in town, plus its available by the use of a innermost shaver along with a trimmer. Well, I am happy that there is an improved system to disposing of unwanted hair in my ear and nose.

Personal shavers  means that you under no circumstances suffer to fret almost injuring your self, also that includes nicks, cuts, bites plus razor burns.

Let us obtain a peep at how to function these two extraordinary devices;

Once you are through trimming, draw out the intimate shaver plus initiate shaving the unwanted stubble. Move the innermost shaver trivial circular motions on the sphere you desire to shave. Also, be confident that you are holding your deepest shaver at a small angle (never 90 degrees).

The Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Ear/Nose Trimmer is the eventual innermost grooming tool. Have you ever wondered where hair clippings end up after they meet up with your trimmer in your ear or nostrils? The ER430K uses a revolutionary vacuum procedure to whisk them away so that they remain out of sight. The sleek ergonomic features makes it effortless. The hypoallergenic blades on the ER430K are set at a 60-degree angle therefore they break up without problems without the pulling that may crop up with a duller blade. Operates on solitary dual AA battery.

Find it on Amazon

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #113 In Facial Trimmers
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: ER430K
  • Released on: 2006-06-15
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00″ h x 1.00″ w x 2.00″ l, .45 pounds


  • Vacuum whisks lose hair clippings
  • Hypoallergenic 60-degree blade cuts competently without pulling
  • Ergonomic blueprint makes it painless to accommodate your position
  • Head rinses out for trouble-free maintenance
  • Mirrored cap helps you spot drifting hairs

Buyers should note that if the “mirror” on the cap appears dull and unreflective, you need to peel off yet another layer of plastic coating. There is a shiny, reflective glass mirror underneath.
This Vacuum Nose-Ear Hair Trimmer works as advertised, sucking up the loose hair as it cuts, preventing the otherwise inevitable sneezing and nose blowing. And I guess it prevents cut hairs from falling into your inner ear too.

I also like the little cloth travel case included; my previous Panasonic nose trimmers lacked this feature.

Do I miss the light on this model? No, because the light never pointed at the trimming point anyway — it was more show than go.

Yes, this nose trimmer definitely sucks — and I mean that in the very best possible way! Recommended.

How to Grow a Long Goatee

How to Grow a Long Goatee

Growing a long goatee is becoming more popular as it is easier to maintain than everyday shaving and gives you a more pronounced chin and more flattering than a beard.

Step 1 – Grow a beard to a suitable length

Step 2 – Use a beard trimmer and comb to create an outline

Get started by getting your hands on the best beard trimmer and the best comb.

Then, create your goatee outline using a trimmer and then use a beard shaping tool to trim around your cheeks and your chin.

The below templates are available on Amazon to shape your goatee and come in various sizes.

Normal goatee shaping tool

My Perfect Goatee is an adjustable shaping to guarantee you a perfectly shaped goatee for your face.


  • Saves time by allowing precise shaving of your desired goatee shape every day.
  • Creates & maintains a perfectly shaped goatee.
  • Eliminates crooked goatees and those occasional shaving mishaps.
  • Risk Free Purchase: If you’re unhappy with your purchase, we’ll refund your money

Find the ‘My Perfect Goatee’ shaping tool on Amazon here

Step 3 – Use scissors to trim to length

To err on the safe side, keep your hair longer and trim it every second day until you are happy with the look.

Step 4 – Use mustache wax to finish off and style your goatee.

You can use beard oil to condition your beard and make it softer and shinier.

Comb your beard with a beard brush daily to train it to grow downwards.

Watch this video for a demonstration using Braun beard trimmer: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4fpq4g

Best Manscaping Tools For A Man’s Body Hair

Best Manscaping Tools For A Man’s Body Hair

Designed specifically for a man’s body hair removal and management – A male body groomer generally combines both a dedicated hair trimmer for shortening the hair as well as a razor for soft, down to the skin shaving and removal.

Wet-Dry Male Bodygrooming Clippers and Trimmers

A new generation of men’s body grooming gear is designed for dry and wet water-proof use in the shower or tub unlike many traditional hair clippers and conventional electric razors. Most are low-voltage, cordless and battery operated rechargeable trimmers for safe use during dry or wet manscaping sessions.

Best Selling GroomerCordless ManscaperSwitch-Hitter Mens Trimmer
Norelco Bodygroom Pro

Dual Cutting Ends
One-Pass Braun BodyCruzr

Power Trimmer +
Gilette Fusion Blades
Male Body Groomer

ManGroomer Pro Trimmer / Shaver

Male Body Hair Trimming Tools

Not all guy’s want to shave their body hair bare to the bone, so to speak. Some men are proud of their copious body hair. They may simply prefer just to shorten their chest, belly and back hair to a more manageable length for a neater appearance.

Adjustable trimmer guide settings on a men’s bodygroomer — or traditional hair clipper sets with guide combs — can help reduce or remove unwanted body hair to the closeness you prefer.

Rechargeable ClippersComplete Men’s GroomingBody Stubble Trimmer
Full Body Grooming

Remington Head To Toe
Classic Hair Cutting Set

AC Clipper + Battery Trimmer
Men’s Stubble Trimmer

.03 to 5mm Length

Many all-in-one groomers and beard trimming kits also make acceptable men’s body grooming tools for your arsenal. With fine-tooth hair cutting blades, or snap-on adjustable length hair cutting guides they can be useful for manscaping down there as well.

Men’s Body Grooming Tool Innovations

The latest generation of men’s manscaping and body hair grooming gear have some notable advancements. Of note: Better battery technology and the trend away from NiCad towards Lithium Ion batteries for much faster, quick-charging times. Hair cutting blades infused with titanium or other alloys and processes are more corrosion resistant so that blades stay sharper, longer. And simply more tolerance for wet/dry, rinsable cleaning after use which is much more practical in the typical bathroom environment.

Wahl Hair Clippers

Top 9 Best Wahl Hair Clippers

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your father, husband, or son, Wahl hair clippers are the perfect option. In this post, we will discuss the nine best Wahl hair clippers on the market today. Is it easy to use? How much does it cost? What is its cutting power? These questions and more will be answered in our list of top picks!

The 9 best Wahl Hair Clippers on the market today are as follows.

*Wahl KM100 Professional Heavy Duty Clipper Kit:

* This kit is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike, with more than 100 years of experience in grooming and cutting expertise from their team of designers . This kit comes with a detachable blade, which is perfect for cutting through thick and course hair.

*Andis Company CTT+ T-Outliner Trimmer:

This trimmers has titanium blades that stay sharper longer than traditional steel blades. The price of this clipper ranges from $40 to $110, depending on the features you want your unit to have.

* Andis Power Pro 2000 Heavy Duty Clipper Kit:

If you need an all around machine that will cut everything then this heavy duty clippers are for you! They come with two interchangeable guards (detachable), nine attachment combs, ten guide combs and a case.

*Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 MG3750:

This is a premium grooming kit that features three interchangeable heads and two combs. With over 16 built-in length settings, the groomer has been designed for maximum precision.

*Remington PG6025 All in One Grooming Kit with Titanium Blades:

The Remington brand offers an affordable all-in-one clipper set that comes equipped with everything you need to get started including blades, guards, detachable comb guides and oil.

*Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper & Trimmer #9864XL :

This clippers come with eight attachment guard sizes (detachable), which means it will cut through any hair type no matter how thick or course it may be! These heavy duty unit can also be used as a beard, mustache and sideburn trimmer.

*Andis Professional Animal Outliner #010A : The Andis clippers are a great option for those looking to cut in tight spaces such as around the eyes or ears of an animal without irritating it by pressing too hard with other clippers. They’re also excellent for cutting hair on sensitive areas such as the nose, tail and paws!

These are the most affordable high-quality hair clippers on this list, and they’re perfect for anyone who is looking to trim their own hair or that of a family member. They come with a variety of attachment guards which you can use depending on how think or thick your want your hair to be cut. The blades themselves will stay sharp because it has taper teeth instead of straight teeth like other models have; these tapered teeth don’t let any hairs get stuck in between them so there is no need for constant blade cleaning!

This kit includes everything from scissors , shears, razor blade guard attachments (for safety), barber comb, and more.

*Wahl Chrome Pro 24 Piece Barber Kit:

This is one of Wahl’s most popular kits because it includes everything you need including scissors , shears, razor blade guard attachments (for safety), barber comb guards and more – all at a price that cannot be beat .

The decision about which set of wahl hair clippers are right for you is a difficult one. There are many different brands and models that you may have never heard of, but there is also the big name brand to consider too. If you’re looking for something high quality with an affordable price, check out Andis Professional Animal Outliner #010A clippers . They’re made by a company who has been in business since 1919 and they know what it takes to make hair clippers that will last you through years of use without needing any repairs or replacements!

* Wahl Professional Sterling Silver Series Detailer #7855-600:

This clipper kit is the perfect choice for those who are looking to trim their hair as well as their beards, mustaches, or any other facial hair they might have! It comes with a variety of attachment guards which you can use depending on how think or thick your want your facial hairs to be cut. The blades themselves will stay sharp because it has taper teeth instead of straight teeth like other models have; these tapered teeth don’t let any hairs get stuck in between them so there is no need for constant blade cleaning!

This kit also includes an adjustable high quality detail comb that is great for styling different types of hairstyles.

This set comes with a #000 attachment, which is great for detailed work like cutting the hair down to size. You can also use it on sensitive areas of skin that you don’t want scratched by the blades or irritated by hairs being tugged too hard. The “O” designates this as an Outliner clipper so it will be perfect for those who are looking for something more precise and delicate than their normal trimmer blade would offer them. With stainless steel blades and low-friction high speed ball bearings, there’s no need to worry about your tool getting bogged down in long locks or constantly having to replace dulling teeth at any point!

The downside? There’s only one guard comb included in the package.